IRMS provides analysis of isotopic ratios of the light stable isotopes C, N, 0, S and H. Our IRMS instrumentation is renowned in many areas. Earth sciences; paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, as well as climatology and atmospheric science. Environmental research; ecology including trophic levels in ecosystems, tracking of animal migration. Biomedical science: total body water, energy expenditure. Food adulteration and provenance.

    Introduction to IRMS

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    The Perspective is designed for flexibility, high performance and reliability, it has the ability to achieve precise measurements from the smallest sample.
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    Horizon 2
    Horizon 2

    The Horizon IRMS instrument is designed for flexibility, reliability and high performance, with user friendly instrument control and data analysis software. Keep Reading



    The Panorama is an entirely new ultra-high resolution multiple collector mass spectrometer specifically designed to undertake stable isotope analyses.
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