The Panorama is an entirely new ultra-high resolution multiple collector mass spectrometer specifically designed to undertake stable isotope analyses, far exceeding the performance of other commercial instruments.

The Panorama, takes a completely new ion optical approach for these type of instruments, and is based on the ESA – Quadrupole – Magnet  design of Matsuda. Optimised for ultra-high resolution studies, whilst maintaining  high sensitivity, this design uses a magnet of 800mm radius, and has been shown to resolve all the methane peaks at mass 18amu, to permit the first truly sub permille measurement of, not only 13CH3D, but also 12CH2D2. The mass dispersion / magnification figure of merit for this instrument is 1400mm.

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    The Panorama is part of a Deep Carbon Observatory initiative lead by Principal Investigators Prof Edward Young (UCLA) and Dr Douglas Rumble (Geophysical Laboratory), and was designed by Dr Phil Freedman (Nu Instruments).

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