Horizon 2

Image of the Nu Instruments Horizon 2 IRMS



  • High sensitivity due to increased acceleration voltage
  • Reduced backgrounds due to mini-ESA, true differential pumping and zoom optics design
  • Full range of accessories for sample introduction

The Nu Instruments Horizon 2 IRMS instrument is designed for flexibility, reliability and high performance, with user friendly instrument control and data analysis software. This next generation instrument possesses unique features for both Dual Inlet (DI) and Continuous Flow (CF) analysis, interfacing with a wide range of sample preparation peripherals.

The Nu Ember Elemental Analyser (EA) allows for the rapid determination of elemental content of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulphur (CNHOS) in a wide variety of organic and inorganic samples in solid or liquid form. When coupled to the Nu Horizon 2 IRMS the system is then capable of determining the isotopic composition of the samples. The system is useful in a wide variety of fields such as food adulteration and provenance, environmental science, and forensics.


The Nu Ember has a host of flexible configurations designed to enable higher throughput, robust analysis and facilitate maintenance. Learn more about the Nu Ember features.

  • Product overview +

    The Horizon 2 has a wealth of novel features, giving the ultimate in performance for both routine and research applications for stable isotope ratio measurements. The Horizon 2 Ion source runs up to 7kV acceleration potential. Its unique patented zoom optic system and narrow Faraday cups achieve exact peak coincidence, enhance peak shape and abundance sensitivity, thus increasing accuracy. The Mini Electro-Static Filter in front of the mass 3 (DH) collector eliminates low energy He+ ions from the HD+ ion beam. The true differential pumping for the source and analyser block exhibits less ion beam scattering inside the analyser and therefore reduces the background noise in CF mode.

    Sample preparation

    The Horizon 2 is configured for a wide range of both CF and DI sample introduction systems. CF inlets are connected via an automated isolation valve and include capillary gas chromatography (Scion 8300GC) and elemental analyser (Nu Ember). The Dual Inlet is located in a separate cabinet with the sample inlet valve on the ion source housing, minimising dead volume and gas path lengths. DI sample options include a carbonate/phosphoric acid preparation unit, a water equilibration unit and a sample manifold with optional crackers.

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