Upgrade kits for Attom ICP-MS

Fixed Slit Upgrade

The fixed slit upgrade allows Attom to be used for multiple resolution methods in an automated batch with reproducible changes in resolution. The use of multiple slits of the same size extends the service intervals for source slit replacement as alternate slits can be selected as others wear through from the intense ion beam. The independent operation of both the source and collector slits means that different resolutions can be selected by matching each source slit size with different collector

Fast Magnet Electronics Upgrade

The fast magnet upgrade for Attom significantly improves the speed of analysis for all methods that require magnet field changes. For Hall probe controlled magnet jumping, jump times are now 1-2 ms/amu and hysteresis loops are 0.6-0.8 seconds (compared to the previous 15ms/amu and 6-8 seconds hysteresis loop). This means that a typical method cycle of 10 isotopes across the full mass range with 1 second of data acquisition at each mass would take 11.1 seconds compared to over 20 seconds previously. Similarly, for LinkScan analysis, the fast magnet controller has a new 200V LinkScan option which allows the collection of full mass spectra in both the up and down scan in 103ms compared to the previous 220ms.

Enhanced Sensitivity Interface Upgrade

The ES interface is designed to enhance the dry aerosol sensitivity of the Attom for laser ablation and desolvator applications. Improvements up to a factor of 3 have been reported (a) with no impact on the normal wet aerosol sample introduction performance. The interface also includes a screw-in locking ring mount for the sample cone which is more robust and easier to handle than the previous generation sample cone mount system.

(a) Pietruska and Neymark, J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2017, 32, 1135-1154

Download: 2019 Service & Upgrades Brochure