Upgrade kits for Astrum GD-MS

Flat cell Sensitivity Upgrade

The enhanced sensitivity upgrade on Astrum provides the same level of performance seen on typical VG9000 instruments for flat cell operation. This is achieved without compromising the discharge conditions which allow for matrix independent calibration factors to be used. The upgrade also includes the fixed source slit upgrade.

Fixed Source Slit Upgrade

The fixed source slit upgrade provides multiple slits of the same size which can be selected independently as each is eroded by the ion beam. This extends the service time between replacements and therefore improves the operational uptime available for the Astrum.

Atmospheric Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

The atmospheric liquid nitrogen system offers a lower consumption of liquid nitrogen (1.5 lph vs. >3 lph for a pressurized vessel) and reduced cost of ownership as regular safety inspections as not required as with a pressurized vessel.