Boron isotopes in carbonatites (MC-ICP-MS)

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    Studies of the boron (B) isotope compositions of materials from a variety of geological backgrounds over the past years have highlighted the value of this isotope system to geochemical research. Ratios of B incorporated into the marine carbonates is of broad interest as it provides very important information to the long term history of seawater pH. 11B/10B ratios measured in minerals and whole rocks can be used to trace and model mass transfer processes at subduction zones.

    This study presents B isotope compositions measured on the Nu Plasma II for carbonatites from locations worldwide that span a wide range of emplacement ages and hence, provide insight into the temporal evolution of their mantle sources for 2.6 billion years of the Earth’s history.

    Benefiting from its simultaneous isotopic detection capability and excellent mass bias stability, the Nu Plasma instrument is an ideal instrument for high precision B isotopic measurements.

    Data source: Samuel et al., Nature Geoscience, 2016