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10 Year Anniversary for Phil Shaw and Martin Moore

Nov 2022 - Phil Shaw and Martin Moore have both passed their 10 year anniversary with Nu Instruments, joinig some of our longest serving employees. Throughout their time here they have progressed through different roles.

Martin started at Nu testing the IRMS instruments  and then progressed to installing them at customer sites. Gradually he has taken on more responsibility within the test department and currently oversees 3 engineers. The last year has been spent transitioning roles into the product management side of the stables department. He now gets to interact with all parts of the business including sales, development, and marketing which has given the role he performs a different dynamic.

Phil Joined as “Scientific manager” to guide the development of applications for elemental analysis. He then took on the line management responsibility for the other applications staff while starting a Product Management culture. After the acquisition by Ametek, it was decided that each product should have a dedicated product manager and he became the lead for this as well as line management for the marketing team. Phil says: “I have been the champion for the Attom product line since joining and over the past few years have expanded the role of elemental analysis by proposing the development of the Vitesse Time of Flight ICP-MS. I took the Vitesse to market and then hired an applications person who became the new product manager to grow the market for this new product. With a significant experience in management as well as applications, development, sales and marketing for a range of mass spectrometry technologies I get involved often in the recruitment of new talent for Nu in technical roles.”

Martin Moore and Phil Shaw

After being at Nu for so many years Martin and Phil explain what they enjoy about their jobs:

Martin says “The variety of tasks involved daily keeps things interesting. There is so much to discover within the business that every day I learn something new. Continued development is something that has always driven me and I’m grateful that the environment here at Nu allows for that. As well as the professional environment the people at Nu also make it a great place to stay. Everyone is super friendly which makes it a well-rounded place to work.”

Phil says: “I am a self-confessed “geek” and Nu Instruments provides the ideal opportunity to get involved in exciting high technology products. The ability to impress scientists with high performance solutions to their analytical problems is very satisfying when they get funded, buy a machine from us and grow their own careers with high quality science.”

Congratulations both on your 10 years with Nu Instruments!

NASA Laboratory to Expand their Investigation of the Solar System’s Origin —
with Unique Mass Spectrometer from Nu Instruments

Nu Instruments Sapphire 1700


03 May 2019 — This summer, planetary scientists at NASA will achieve new levels of precision in their investigations into the origin of the Solar System with the delivery of Nu Instruments’ Sapphire 1700 Multi-Collector ICP-MS— the world's largest commercially-built multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer.

Designed specifically for NASA, the Sapphire 1700 MS will provide agency scientists with unprecedented levels of precision and accuracy in their analysis of meteorites — remnants of meteors dating some 4.6 billion years ago and which are a critical element in the study of the formation of the solar system. Of particular interest to scientists: analysis of three isotope systems — calcium, chromium, and magnesium — keys in determining the age, and origin of meteorites.

The Sapphire 1700 MS bound for NASA is based on the heralded Nu Instruments 1700 high-resolution plasma source mass spectrometers currently in use around the world by academics and researchers in a wide range of applications. The new collision cell enhances the 1700’s ability to measure difficult isotope systems where isobaric interferences limit precision and accuracy.

Nu Instruments will install the Sapphire 1700 MS later this summer in the Center for Isotope Cosmochemistry and Geochronology Laboratory at NASA’s Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) division at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston.

Founded in 1995, Nu Instruments is a market leader in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GD-MS), Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS), Noble Gas and Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (TIMS). Nu's innovating mass spectrometers are installed worldwide in academia, governmental and industrial research labs, and serve a wide range of applications. Nu joined the Materials Analysis Division of AMETEK in 2016. Nu’s head office, manufacturing facility, and labs are located in North Wales, UK.