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Nu Instruments are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people, that share our passion for science and technology, to join our growing team. We work with leading companies and prestigious universities around the world, at the forefront of research and analysis. Our instruments help advance a broad range of scientific applications, from the food we eat, medical treatments and our environment, to the origins of our universe.   

Current Vacancies

We currently have vacancies for:

Production Technician
This is a factory based role suited to candidates located near our Wrexham headquarters. Candidates may apply directly to

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Who are Nu?

Founded in 1995, Nu Instruments has established itself as a market leader in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GD-MS), Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS), Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) and Noble Gas. Our high-end mass spectrometers are analytical instruments used to characterise the isotopic or elemental composition of various samples, providing precious information such as the history, the age, the provenance or the purity. Nu's innovating mass spectrometers are installed worldwide in academia, governmental and industrial research labs, and serve a wide range of applications such as: determining isotope ratios in various geological samples to provide datation data, creating elemental images of biomedical or geological samples, measuring isotope ratios to determine the provenance, origin of food samples, measuring nanoparticles size and determining the purity of a material..

All our instruments are designed, assembled and tested on site in our factory. Nu joined AMETEK in 2016. Nu’s head office, manufacturing facility and labs are located in North Wales, UK.

Meet our Team


Jonathan Ord – Service Manager


After achieving a Masters in Physics from Durham University Jonathan came to work at Nu Instruments as a Test and Installation engineer in 2013. Jonathan now manages Nu’s Service Team, ensuring our customers always get the very best from their instruments.

Jonathan says: “The values of the company always remain integral within everything we do. I’m proud to manage our service department because the quality of service that we have always been dedicated to providing sets us apart.  I feel very lucky to manage a team of extremely talented people who always go above and beyond for our customers.”

Starting as a Test & Installation Engineer, Jonathan completed several Nu Plasma II installations before becoming Plasma Team Leader in 2016. Shortly after this he got a chance to experience a service role as part of Nu’s secondment scheme and found his home, becoming Plasma Product Support Manager and more recently Service Manager. As Service Manager Jonathan manages a global team, delivering the quality service our customers have come to expect.

“The Nu brand is distinguished by the quality and availability of aftersales service. Most of our customers know us personally, which I believe is important since they know that they can always approach us with any queries that they may have.”

Cai Boardman - Test & Installation Engineer

cai_bordmanCai achieved his Masters in Physics from Cardiff University before deciding to pursue teaching. After 5 years working as a teacher in Wales he was ready for a new challenge and chose the University of Liverpool for a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. After graduating Cai joined us at Nu Instruments as a Test and Installation Engineer.

Cai’s story:
“I’ve been at Nu since January 2021. In that time I have learned a lot about mass spectrometry in general but more specifically how the Astrum instrument works. I went on my first install in January 2022 (to Toulouse) which went well and have since been to Grevenbroich in Germany and will be going back to Toulouse to install another instrument soon. I am no longer the newest member of the Astrum team and it has been interesting to share what I’ve learned with a newer recruit. It is a good indicator of how much my knowledge has progressed since I started with Nu Instruments.Day to day a test and installation engineer’s job is quite varied, but mainly consists of ensuring an instrument is ready to get out of the door at the right specification. This can involve finding and fixing issues (electrical or mechanical), collecting data, making reports as well as some other more generalised things around the factory. There are many things I enjoy about working at Nu, the staff are friendly, the work is interesting and I like how much trust is placed in the staff to get on with the work that’s needed to achieve the high standards required. The travel abroad is also a good way to experience different countries and working environments as well as meeting interesting people.

I think Nu ensures that customer satisfaction is very high in their priorities and there are several ways to get in touch with dedicated engineers who are able to offer a range of advice and suggestions if any issues occur with the instrument post install. The instruments shipped out have to pass rigorous inspections which ensure that they are of a high standard."

Jaime Royce - Regional Sales Manager


Jamie was fresh out of school when he started at Nu as a 17 year old Electrical Installation Apprentice. 15 years later after moving through Assembler, Production Technician, Test and Installation engineer, and Lead Engineer roles he is now Regional Sales Manager (EMEA).

“One of my college projects was to install some of the lighting circuits on the production floor, when we expanded the factory. There’s been lots of variety and some steep learning curves since but I have always had the belief and support of the teams and managers around me to whom I owe a lot. There are some good friends I have made at Nu.

My role now as Regional Sales Manager gives me a wide variety of responsibilities. My day to day starts with our customers, emails, calls, and writing quotations, then keeping up with new developments within the factory, learning as much as I can about all the new products. In amongst this I attend customer sites across Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) to find out what projects people have lined up or to ensure our current customers are happy. I also attend conferences across these regions which helps keep an eye on the interests and ‘hot topics’ within the communities. I get to meet a wide variety of people from different countries and cultures which I feel has played a big part in my outlook on life. I am the envy of my friends outside of Nu, getting to go ‘on holiday’ as they put it, to places I could’ve only dreamed of going without this job.
I feel like the word ‘no’ is rarely used when Nu is interacting with customers. Ultimately the customers should be the people guiding the direction for innovation and development of the instrumentation. The markets needs are fast paced and can be very demanding but we always find a way to deliver what is asked of us.

Andrew Roberts - Master Technician

Andrew RobertsAndy completed a GNVQ in Advanced IT at college and tried a few different jobs before joining Nu as an Assembly Technician. He found a home here and 16 years later Andy is a Master Technician. 

"I came to Nu because I’ve always been hands on, and always liked building things. The interesting and special products the company produce and the great friendly staff, whom I’ve made some good friends with is why I enjoy working here.

My role as a Master Technician uses all my years of experience from assembly and production and reflects my ability to work on and assemble any instrument in the company. I’m also involved with new instruments before they are released, working closely with our engineers and designers to make the design and build more efficient. 

In the time I’ve been at Nu, I’ve managed to travel to other countries which was great experience. I believe Nu is very customer focused and will do everything they can to make the customer happy, the communication, face to face visits and great after service make Nu a great company to deal with."

Karen Fletcher – Human Resources Manager

Karen FletcherAfter a long career as a civil servant, in the Prison Service and then UK Border Agency at Manchester Airport, Karen wanted to move back to her hometown of Wrexham.

Karen has been with us for 11 years and counting, she is the friendly and approachable face for everyone here at Nu. She described her role as “from recruitment to leavers and all in between. I guess I am the link between the people within the organisation and the organisation itself.”

Karen joined Nu in a temporary part time role before becoming part of our admin team. When an opportunity came up to move into HR it was a great fit for Karen’s management experience. Karen went on to study for her CIPD (Certificate of Personnel and Development) Associate Membership. Karen told us “I owe my HR career to Nu Instruments, who enabled me to follow this career path.”

When asked what Karen enjoys in her role, she said “I love recruiting good people and seeing them progress in their careers. It’s great to see people rise. In the 11 years I have been at Nu, I have seen many people join the Company, often in their first job, who have since been promoted into management and more senior positions.”

Karen went on to highlight the work of the team here, saying “I know how hard my colleagues work to ensure our customers are satisfied with their instrument. These instruments are as complex as are the applications they are used for, and the Engineers and Scientists strive to enable the efficient and smooth operation of the machines. Our support doesn’t stop with the installation. We have a great Service Team, most of whom have worked in the Company for many years.”

Adam Revill - Astrum Product Manager

adam-revill-asrum-product-managerAdam left Bangor University with a BSc Chemistry and MSc Analytical Chemistry and started his career in nuclear waste management, before moving on to various laboratory based QC roles. He joined Nu in 2018, as a Plasma ICP-MS Test & Installation engineer, He moved to the Astrum GD-MS team, becoming Product Manager in 2022.

Adam explains what his role entails:

“The product manager role is very diverse. Firstly, I am responsible for leading GD-MS development, and along with Sales & Marketing, I undertake research projects to help guide our decisions. In addition to this, I visit customers and attend conferences as the Nu Astrum representative. In such a collaborative role I am the go between for all departments. The second part of my role at Nu is as the GD-MS Applications Scientist. I run customer samples, undertake applications development, give demonstrations to prospective customers and produce technical documentation for the Astrum.”

“Working at Nu has given me the opportunity to explore different responsibilities outside of my job description, greatly enhancing my personal skillset. For example, during my tenure as T&I Engineer, I was able to participate in development and applications projects. As product manager I am afforded the opportunity to play a crucial role in a team who share my enthusiasm for making the Astrum the best it can be. Plus the travel is fun too!”

Nu started as a small company who values customer experience highly. This quality has endured through the growth of the company and is still one of our core principles.”