Upcoming Events

The 6th Asia-Pacific Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry

Date: 19th May 2015End Date: 22nd May 2015
Location: Xiamen, China

Meet our product specialists  and find out about our latest developments in ICP-MS and GD-MS technology  



Date: 18th May 2015End Date: 21st May 2015
Location: Manchester, UK

Nu Instruments are attending the 37th ESARDA symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Non-Proliferation. Our TIMS and ICP-MS specialists will be on hand to discuss your requirements and developments in our mass spectrometry technology.


Nu Instruments is a British  high technology manufacturing company. We specialise in the design and manufacture of high precision mass spectrometers,  that are both technically advanced and proven to be very reliable. Our instruments have been installed in laboratories around the world.


Our commitment  is to satisfy the analytical requirements of our customers. To achieve this we employ a dedicated team, many of whom are highly skilled scientists and engineers. We are a growing company, one that has a reputation for putting customers first.


The Nu Instruments range of products includes multicollector ICP-MS, high resolution ICP-MS, stable isotope MS, Noble gas MS and glow discharge MS. If you are interested in one of these products we would love to hear from you.


Nu Instruments are pleased to announce the release of Nu Quant v1.1 which contains significant new functionality including a new implementation of NICE for customised data processing for Isotope Ratios and Isotope Dilution calculations. Simple isotope ratios Ability to define complex maths for corrections Simplified replacement for the Retain() function Powerful store() function to allow […]

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